How to use Lugelo?

Lugelo is a secure, user-friendly web and mobile-based online journal app. It allows you to share your journals with readers across the internet. You can easily create highly interactive timelines, private journals, blogs, scrapbooks, journals and biographies all from within Lugelo.

The value of emotions comes from sharing them, not just having them.

Create Your Own Journal

Whether yours is a short journal, quick note or even a diary, writing a journal with Lugelo's intuitive user interface is as easy as ABC...

Create Pretty Timelines from Memories

Create and keep track of all your memories. You can choose to view these memories in many ways, including as slides in a slideshow or even pages in an eBook.

Share and Engage

Share memories with your loved ones and engage with your viewers.

Creative and Interactive Features

The best part is that you can easily set memories in one or more of the journals you create as public, private or share them directly with friends.

Quick photo uploading

Easy to Customize

Works on iOS, Android and Web

Follow people you like

Import memories from other apps like Faceboook

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