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Lugelo, Inc.

Posted On Jun 26, 2020Lifestyle

Welcome to the launch of our new and improved Lugelo website and our first blog post! 

What is Lugelo?

Lugelo is an easy to use and secure web and mobile-based story sharing app, where you write and express your thoughts in the form of secure private journals, blogs, scrapbooks, biographies and stories across multiple platforms. Add notes, multimedia and more directly into Lugelo from other mobile apps and web services to enrich your content while producing comprehensive stories.


How do you effectively collect, organize and use all your dispersed personal digital content?


Lugelo Digital Storybooks / Scrapbooks / eJournals - Private platform for correlated storage of all personal digital data

Tell Your Story:

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them." Ira Glas

Lugelo For Collaboration on Live Stories:

Collaborate on storytelling and creation of live events such as new births, wedding, graduations, conferences, and man more. Your limit is your imagination. Conceptualize your real-time events with our interactive pages that keep your followers and users intrigued across the world.

Lugelo For Parents:

Maintain your child’s comprehensive history of nearly everything. Also, include social media posts from family and friends, to let your child enjoy the real-time engaging posts and help them stay connected to their roots. See how parents can use Lugelo.

Lugelo For Organizations:

Stories about your product development, growth, production, delivery, and how-to guides strongly connect consumers to you while engaging them in more interactive ways than before, making it one of the perfect apps to share stories.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

-- Maya Angelou

Write, Create, Develop and Share amazing stories about your activities and products with Lugelo. An interesting online journal to maintain your personal and professional experiences and share it with your loved ones.

*** This blog will be the source of all updates about Lugelo including but not limited to new features, press releases, how-to and many more.

Thank you ...

Team Lugelo