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Introduction to Lugelo Storybooks

An easy to use and secure web and mobile-based story sharing app, Lugelo lets you write your own story online using highly interactive timelines. Express your thoughts in the form of private journals, blogs, scrapbooks biographies and stories across multiple platforms.

  • Write your own stories online:Be it your past events or a vacation in London, from noting down journals or noting down a blog in a highly readable format, Lugelo is the story share app to look for.
  • Control your writing profile:Have complete control on your profile, make them read-only, allow comments from the ones you like, your friends and family.
  • Active child mode:Manage your child’s account, share storybooks with them, have their school activities monitored, all under one roof.
  • Manage your profiles:Adults can manage multiple biographies including their own and those of their loved ones, past and present.
  • Get notifications when friends contribute or add comments to your stories.

Write your own story online

Who we are …

Lugelo is based in Silicon Valley with datacenters in Santa Clara and Hayward, CA and development in Seattle, WA.

Our team includes parents, admirers of history and written works, highly experienced developers, cybersecurity experts, and entrepreneurs who firmly believe in preserving the history and precious stories of lives for our kids and others.

Every one of us needs an App to share stories with family and friends

Lugelo - Story Share App For Everyone

See your life through a third person’s eye. Create an event or time-based stories that expresses itself more than a visual representation. Develop stories in a manner that includes a wider range of data.

Lugelo For Collaboration on Live Stories

Collaborate on storytelling and creation of live events such as new births, wedding, graduations, conferences, and man more. Your limit is your imagination. Conceptualize your real-time events with our interactive pages that keep your followers and users intrigued across the world.

Lugelo For Parents

Maintain your child’s comprehensive history of nearly everything. Also, include social media posts from family and friends, to let your child enjoy the real-time engaging posts and help them stay connected to their roots. See how parents can use Lugelo .

Lugelo For Organizations

Stories about your product development, growth, production, delivery, and how-to guides strongly connect consumers to you while engaging them in more interactive ways than before, making it one of the perfect apps to share stories.

Write, Create, Develop and Share amazing stories about your activities and products with Lugelo. An interesting online journal to maintain your personal and professional experiences and share it with your loved ones. Now available on the Android Play Store and iOS Play Store.