Fully Secured

100% secure web and mobile platform to create & share highly interactive content.

Easy To Customize​

Easily customizable free ios and android journal app to make your stories look unique and presentable.

Offline Mode

No Internet? No Problem! Write stories with local content while you are still offline and upload when network data is available!

How it works

Find how easy it is to launch an ongoing stories or any past event, party, vacation, journal or simply keep a blog in a new and highly readable format.

Create Story

Fiction or reality, write your thoughts and customize them according to your preferences.

Visualize your story

Add notes, audio, images, video, SMS and more directly to your story using the online journal Android app.


Share your stories across your social media accounts, collaborate with friends and family with the free online journal app.

Choose your audience

Preserve your ideas, keep your story private or share it to the world, make a choice and we will keep it safe and secure.

Works on iOS, Android and Web

Our eJournal app is completely responsive and works great on all major web browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Opera), and android and iOS devices. Take your journal wherever you go and share stories whenever you want.

Exciting Features on our Journal App

This free android and ios journal app comes with some exciting features for story writers and readers alike. Have a look at some below –

  • The speech-to-text voice recognition feature makes it easy to write titles and descriptions for your story.
  • Collaborate with friends and family while creating live or old stories. They might remember stuff you have forgotten.
  • Follow your favorite story writers, authors and poets and enjoy their content.
  • You have complete control over your stories. You can keep them private, public OR open to collaborations.
  • Import photos, videos, notes, SMS etc directly into Lugelo to make your content more expressive


Still not sure how Lugelo works? Go through our FAQ’s and learn about our features, benefits and more!

What is a Story, Storybook, Moment and Timeline?
Moment: An activity in your life captured via notes, quotes, audio, images, video, social media, etc. That help tell the story of your life or event.
Story and Storybook: A collection of related moments from various sources (notes, SMS, email, images, videos, audios, social media, uploads, etc.)

Lugelo for Android & iOS

It doesn’t matter which device you own. Now write and share stories on Lugelo anytime, anywhere. Works like a charm on the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones & tablets.