Content Types and Uses

Note Moments

These are text-based moments. They are the easiest moments to add. Describe moments in your journal through writing. You can also format your text using our editor.

Photos, Videos & Audio Moments

Memories that are captured and added into a journal as photos. These liven up your journals. You can add text to describe any photos/videos or audios of yours.

Imported Moments

Users can also import Facebook & Twitter posts as memories. These can be text, photos, videos or audios


Journals are a collection of memories. A user can have as many journals as they would like. Journals can be private or publicly accessible. A user can also share a journal privately to friends.


A blog is a special kind of journal, with a unique layout. Blogs are inherently publicly accessible. A user can have up to one blog for now.


An Event is a special kind of journal that can only currently be created on the Lugelo mobile apps. Events help a user to automatically add multiple moments to a journal.